Farnsworth House

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My Qualifications

  • Honours graduate of Fashion Design and Technology (pattern making, sewing, clothing history, textiles and an Honours degree in Knit Technology
  • Over 20 years designing wardrobe/costumes in film & television
  • 15 period projects defining characters in their eras. In these examples I have successfully run the building &/or breakdown of costumes in budget.
  • Have designed for Showtime, NBC, ABC, Disney, Lifetime and more.


Keep the Faith Baby

Is a docu-drama about the first congressman from the district of Harlem, Adam Clayton Powell Jr. It runs 1939 – 1970. Included in the following vignette, are examples from the period of Farnsworth House (although in New York &Washington) that contain the palette I have suggested.

All lead costumes (and many secondary) were designed and built for the project. The remainder are rentals.


The Passion of Ayn Rand

Is a docu-drama about Ayn Rand. It runs from 1949 – 1960. The movie features two palettes; a brighter one at the beginning for Los Angeles, and a muted one for most of the film taking place in New York City. Again a lot of building for the leads, with rentals for day players and extras.


A House Divided

Below is a slideshow with some costumes from the movie. It is the story that encompasses the era prior to, and after the American Civil War.

All character costumes were built for this period. Slaves were engineered from existing clothing & town people were rentals.

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Newspaper clipping from the film Out of the Ashes

Post WWII – filmed in Toronto for New York City